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July Driving Event - 06-14-2011, 04:36 PM

Hi All,
At the picnic meeting last weekend, we discussed the July driving event. Since we will be on country roads and it will be hot, it came up about the probability of getting tar from the roads on our rides. I'm sure most will agree that would not be a good thing.
A possible solution, is to have the event earlier in the day, before the roads heat up.
Since the meeting is on July 9, and driving before the meeting would require getting up really early, Someone suggested we have the driving event on the next Saturday, July 16.

I figure we could meet at Bankston Ford at about 8:30, have the driver's meeting, and start the drive about 9:00.

Please post up and let me know what you think.

I should take a couple hours to run the event and we can finish at a resturant for Poker and late breakfast or early lunch.

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06-14-2011, 09:04 PM

Sounds like a good idea!
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06-14-2011, 09:14 PM

Im in, put it together.
I know of some greasy spoons in Allen, Allen Cafe on Main street (lots of parking it may have been a dairy queen many years ago). And there is another one that opened at Mcdermmott and highway 5 (also has lots of parking).
Like I mentioned at the picnic in Mckinney there is the Sauce an italian resturant where I know the GM and the Cadillac bar, both of these are on the square, just a couple of places I thought I would throw out there...
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06-15-2011, 06:52 PM

Great idea Mike, I'm in for the 16th.

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Other Cars I've owned:
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GONE - 1972 Chevelle w/402 CI BB and turbo 400 trans.
SOLD - 1966 Plymouth Belvedere w/383, 4 speed and Sure Grip diff.

Member of: www.EECTuning.org
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06-15-2011, 11:57 PM

sorry there is a very good chance we will be out of town on the 16th
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06-19-2011, 05:48 PM

Anyone else interested in doing this on the 16th ? Should we move it ?

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06-20-2011, 01:02 AM

So far, I am in.

Joe Cool
2013 Focus ST
2003 Yamaha Warrior
2000 Jeep Wrangler Sport
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06-20-2011, 01:03 PM

I'm just riding shot gun, so as long as he didn't sell my seat, I'm in!

formally known as Boosted16V
'12 Fusion and '97 Cobra if he doesn't straighten up ---STRIKE ONE!
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06-20-2011, 03:14 PM

I am a definite maybe, depending on a couple of other matters on the calendar that I hope will clear up.


2010 GT - sunset gold daily driver
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"Sir Crazy"
06-20-2011, 07:09 PM

Dang, I need to get a car streetable... or get another one Haven't had time to work on the vert or mystic.


'98 chrome yellow Cobra coupe
'93 canary yellow Mustang LX 5.0L convertible feature car
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'08 white diamond pearl Acura TL - daily driver

Gone, but not forgotten...
'96 mystic Cobra - sold
'98 Mazda B2500 SE - RIP
'92 vibrant red Mustang LX 5.0L convertible feature car - sold
'90 strawberry metallic Mustang GT - sold

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06-27-2011, 10:46 PM

Bump this post to the top.

Anyone else interested?

99 Cobra coupe Xtreme daily driver!
True DIY'er -- I do all my own engine, driveline and gear work.
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06-28-2011, 12:12 AM

The 16th sounds good to me. I'm off work that weekend.
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06-28-2011, 12:50 PM

I'm out... the 16th is a moving day..... with four children I end up helping do that at least once every year......
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XTreme Techie
06-28-2011, 04:11 PM

So those confirmed so far for the 16th ---
1) Boosted32v and MrsBoosted
2) GA Cobra
3) CaptComputer
4) lemon-lime
5) Coop
6) Tommy W
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EL Presidente...
06-28-2011, 05:07 PM

Mrs.Boosted can only go if she wears duct tape on her mouth, I will be getting the BADSVT to triple digit speeds and I dont need any distractions...
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