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Christmas Party - Sat Dec 8th - 10-30-2012, 07:10 PM

As discussed and finalized at the October meeting, our annual club Christmas Party will be held on Saturday, December 8th at Abuelos in West Plano TX. This is a club meeting day, but not that we will not be meeting at Bankston. Instead, we will meet at Abuelos a little later than our usual time.

Please RSVP if you plan to attend and how many. Need to know adults (13 and up) and kids (12 and under). See Henry's RSVP thread -----> CLICK HERE

3701 Dallas Parkway
Plano, TX 75093

11:30am - Combined board meeting / general membership meeting / Elections

12:30pm - Christmas party begins. Will probably go until 3p or so.

As we've done in the previous years, we'll host another white elephant gift exchange this year. We'll have two exchanges - one for adults and one for children. Both gift exchanges will follow the white elephant format, with the exception that the adult format will have a sudden death showdown.

Adult gift exchange -- Open for anyone 13 years of age and older (members and guests)
Please bring a wrapped gift valued at least $15. More is OK and is up to you, but not necessary. For our format, choose "good" gifts. Somthing interesting, or you would keep for your self if you could, etc. Automotive/car related gifts are always good, hobby related, sports, outdoors, anything goes.

Kids gift exchange -- Open for Kids 12 years of age and under (children of adult members in good standing)
The Club will purchase $10 gifts, so kids do not need to bring anything other than just show up and have a good time. Please let us know in advance (reply to this thread) if you plan to bring children ages 12 and under so that we know how many gifts to purchase.

White Elephant Gift Exchange - SVT Club Format

We’ll all draw numbers to determine play order, and then take turns starting with number 1, continuing until everyone has had a chance to take their turn.

Game Play

The first participant unwraps a new gift from the pile and then shows it to everyone. The next player can either "steal" an already opened gift or be adventurous and go for a wrapped gift from the pile. If the participant chooses to steal an unwrapped gift, the person whose gift was just stolen now repeats their turn and either steals another person's gift (they cannot immediately steal back the gift that was just stolen) or unwraps a new gift from the pile. Once a gift has been stolen 3 times, it is considered “safe” and the person who has it in their possession now owns it. So the 3rd person to steel that gift gets to keep it.

This cycle of steeling or gift selection from the pile will continue until the last unwrapped gift has been selected from the pile.

At that point, the game ends for the kids 12 and under.

For the adults, we’ll go into a sudden death extension.

After the last person's turn, the first person has the option of keeping their current gift, in which case the game ends, or they can swap with anyone else whose gift is eligible for stealing. Stealing rules apply, so if the swap results in the gift getting stolen for the 3rd time, the gift is now considered “safe” as in regular game play. There is no immediate swapping back, just like regular game play. Game ends as soon as someone decides to keep their gift, or all the gifts are now considered “safe”.
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11-26-2012, 02:35 PM

Sorry, but Gerald and I aren't going to be able to make the party now because my company party is that same evening and I have to now be there early to help out with it. Hope you all have a great time.


1997 SVT Cobra
32V 98 Cobra motor, 03 T56 6-speed, 01 IRS rear end, Xpipe and flowmasters, new FR500s all chrome, deep dish rear. 17x10.5 rears with 315/35/17s and fronts are 17.9s with 275/40/17s, soon to be Vortec Supercharged with black 98 interior and many more mods to come. New paint which is also the original paint color or Moonlight Metalic Blue.

1973 Mustang Grande Retromod
89 5.0 EFI Motor, AOD 4-speed, AC, power steering, power disc brakes and bullet wheels.

Both cars custom built by my husband, Gerald, owner of The Mustang Shop.
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